As Principal of Tatum Consulting & Management, Inc., I share a deep commitment to managing high quality development and construction projects, with vast experience and expertise in senior apartments, senior living and multifamily apartments.


Tatum Consulting & Management (TCM) is a construction consulting advisor who specializes in consulting with Owners on Senior Apartments, Senior Low Income Apartments, Senior Living and Multifamily Apartments. TCM works with owners and developers to ensure the proper roll-out and management of development and construction projects. TCM has the vision, experience and expertise to create winning projects in today’s challenging market environment.  We specialize in project planning, design consultant selection, budgeting, scheduling, value engineering, contractor selection and contracting, design consultant management, construction administration, project move-in coordination and project closeout.  TCM has many years of executive experience in advising and managing projects throughout North America.  We pride ourselves on responsiveness to our client’s needs and desires and with the Principal of the firm directly involved in the day to day management of all projects, TCM can deliver unparalleled service.  In addition, TCM has set up “man-power sharing”, relationships with several other highly qualified construction management firms with which additional manpower may be ascertained if needed.

As the principal of Tatum Consulting & Management, Inc., I share a deep commitment to developing high quality development and construction projects, with a vast amount of experience and expertise in senior apartments, senior living and multifamily apartments.

Planning & Design
  • Provide single source of accountability as construction/design executive for all program, design and constructions issues
  • Provide leadership for entire project roll-out, eliminating “roadblocks” and “surprises”, creating a streamlined and efficient Team built to execute at the highest levels throughout the entitlement, program, design and construction phases
  • Advise Owner on the selection of design consultants and sub-consultants, managing a transparent selection process on owner’s behalf
  • Assist design team with constructability issues and major system selections i.e.; HVAC, framing type, skin type, glass ratios, floor deck design
  • Assist and manage design team in creating and implementing project specifications
  • Develop and manage ongoing value analysis (value engineering) program
  • Review and comment on progress plans, eliminating coordination and construct-ability issues
  • Assist in creating and monitor design process schedule
Budgeting & Scheduling
  • Assist in developing an overall project budget, advising owner on schedule, design & construction contingencies
  • Assist in developing an overall project schedule to include design, permitting, general construction, interior finishes, IT, FF&E, and owner move and occupancy
  • Assist the owner in developing a project phasing plan
  • Permitting, Bidding, & Contractor Selection
  • Assist in managing the permitting process among owner, expediters and design professionals
  • Develop specification sections to ensure integration of interior finish systems and FF&E.
  • Solicit general contractor bids
  • Prequalify general contractors
  • Host the pre-bid meeting
  • Manage the contractor question process
  • Receive and analyze the bids
  • Make a recommendation for selection
  • Negotiate the construction contract
Preconstruction in Project Management
  • Host the pre-construction meetings with the contractor and owner team
  • Advise owner on issuance of the notice to proceed
  • Attend/Host progress meetings on site
  • Monitor progress
Schedule, Budget, Quality
  • Receive and validate contractor change requests
  • Receive and validate contractor applications for payment
  • Coordinate the integration of owner supplied systems into the general construction
  • Develop and monitor the completion of the punchlist
  • Closeout the project with the general contractor
  • Assist owner in management of the design consultants
  • Information Technology / Security Systems / Multimedia
  • Review related schedules to insure smooth integration
  • Coordinate infrastructure installation with general contractor
Power Requirements – Grounding, Cable Management
  • Identify potential conflicts between vendors and /or general contractor
FF&E / Occupancy
  • Assist in the development of the overall occupancy and move-in schedules
  • Review and revise installation and move schedules to reflect changing conditions
  • Coordinate completion of punchlist prior to FF&E installation
  • Assist facilities personnel with logistics and load-in procedures
  • Load-in schedule
Elevator Scheduling / Protection
  • Contingency plans
  • Coordinate systems furniture electrical connections with general contractor
  • Assist in proactively addressing final inspection requirements of authorities having jurisdiction
Overall Administration Communication
  • Facilitate communication between owner / design team / contractors & vendors
  • Assist in/Coordinate and schedule regular design team / owner meetings
  • Manage pre-construction and construction meeting agenda and meeting minutes
  • Review and make recommendations to the owner regarding consultant and vendor invoices and change orders
  • Develop and issue monthly progress reports including progress photos to owner
Project Close-out
  • Assist in the financial close out of the project with the owner
  • Coordinate turn-over to owner facilities maintenance and management team
  • Coordinate the distribution of operation and maintenance manuals, warranty information and as-builts


  • Venture investors seeking development/construction opportunities
  • Asset manager operators seeking growth
  • Property owners exploring development/construction as an appropriate use
  • Not-for-profit owners/operators seeking new development opportunities
  • Developers seeking to enter a new market
  • Developers or government agencies seeking project management expertise



TCM employs a team methodology to efficiently and systematically manage the processes required to successfully complete any type of construction project.  With our systems in place, each project is typically managed by a team of 2 to 3 Construction Managers with one taking the role as the lead and the others as support to manage detailed aspects of the project.  This sort of collaboration helps utilize different skills, personalities, and knowledge to effectively communicate with Owners, Administrators, Executives, Contractors, and workers in a manner that is appropriate to the situation and personnel being managed.  With this approach to our management of each project, we can easily shift loads to meet the available capacity of each individual on the management team.  Although Chris Tatum oversees every project associated with the company, our renovation projects are typically managed by Frank Strychaz as the lead on most larger project and either Angel Arellano or James Costell and sometimes both running support.  Each CM has several projects that they manage as a primary CM, but all have 100% access to assistance and mentorship from Frank Strychaz and Chris Tatum, and are ultimately held responsible by Chris Tatum to manage within the systems developed and employed by TCM.  Using the team concept and very strict systems, any CM can manage a project and increasing the size of the team allows for larger, more detailed projects to be managed in the same manner.  The cogs in the TCM machine are interchangeable and effective as a complete system.