Our capabilities span the entire development / construction cycle, from strategic planning and project conceptualization through construction completion and operations turnover.

Who We Serve:
  • Venture investors seeking development/construction opportunities
  • Asset manager operators seeking growth
  • Property owners exploring development/construction as an appropriate use
  • Not-for-profit owners/operators seeking new development opportunities
  • Developers seeking to enter a new market
Our Clients:
  • BRE Properties
  • Fountain Square Development
  • Harmony Senior Living
  • Housing Development Partners
  • New Dawn Assisted Living
  • Nexus
  • North American Healthcare
  • San Diego Housing Commision
  • Sunrise Senior Living
  • Thomas Safran & Associates
  • Ventas REIT
  • West Living
Project Planning & Design
  • Assist the design team with constructability issues and system selections, i.e.; HVAC, etc.
  • Develop and manage ongoing value analysis program
  • Review and comment on progress plans
  • Assists in creating and monitor the design process schedule


Budgeting & Scheduling
  • Develop an overall project budget and schedule
  • Assist the owner in developing a project phasing plan


Permitting, Bidding, & Contractor Selection
  • Assist in managing the permitting process
  • Develop specification sections to ensure integration of interior systems and FF&E.
  • Solicit general contractor bids
  • Prequalify general contractors
  • Host the pre-bid meeting
  • Manage the contractor question process
  • Receive and analyze bids
  • Make a recommendation for selection
  • Negotiate construction contract


  • Host preconstruction meetings with the contractor and owner team
  • Advise owner on issuance of the notice to proceed
  • Attend/Host weekly progress meetings on site
  • Monitor progress
  • Schedule
  • Budget
  • Quality
  • Receive and validate contractor change requests
  • Receive and validate contractor applications for payment
  • Coordinate the integration of owner supplied systems into the general construction
  • Develop and monitor the completion of the punch list
  • Closeout the project with the general contractor
  • Assist owner in management of the design consultants
Information Technology / Security Systems / Multimedia
  • Review related schedules to insure smooth integration
  • Coordinate infrastructure installation with general contractor
  • Power requirements
  • Grounding
  • Cable management
  • Identify potential conflicts between vendors and /or general contractor


FF&E / Occupancy
  • FF&E – selection and sourcing
  • Assist in the development of the overall occupancy and move-in schedules
  • Review and revise installation and move schedules to reflect changing conditions
  • Coordinate completion of punch list prior to FF&E installation
  • Assist facilities personnel with logistics and load-in procedures
  • Load-in schedule
  • Elevator scheduling / protection
  • Contingency plans
  • Coordinate systems furniture electrical connections with general contractor


Overall Administration
  • Facilitate communication between owner / design team / contractors & vendors
  • Assist in/Coordinate and schedule regular design team / owner meetings
  • Manage pre-construction and construction meeting agenda and meeting minutes
  • Review and make recommendations to the owner regarding consultant and vendor invoices and change orders


  • Develop and issue monthly progress reports including progress photos to owner


Project Close-out
  • Assist in the financial close out of the project with the owner
  • Coordinate turn-over to owner facilities maintenance and management team
  • Coordinate the distribution of operation and maintenance manuals and warranty information